Overview of the Slot Game Hunters Moon on Gigablox

When Bulletproof Games joined forces with Yggdrasil for the Masters YGS program, they gained access to Yggdrasil’s extensive resource library. In this instance, we’ll be using Yggdrasil’s Gigablox dynamic reel system. Since the history of loaning Gigablox out has been uneven, it’s hard to become very thrilled about the idea. Occasionally it has been successful, and other times it has been fairly ordinary, but never has it equaled what Yggdrasil has wrung out of their mechanism. One such place is Hades. Turning to Bulletproof, they explore a fantastical woodland in a game called Hunters Moon Gigablox.

The overall message is elusive. The principal character is a platinum-blonde Khaleesi stand-in who is accompanied by a menagerie of woodland creatures as she wanders through the woods. She is more of a friend than a foe, despite the fact that she is armed with a sword and bow. The artificial muddle only helps to highlight the game’s inherent awkwardness. The user interface seems dated, and the reel animations are distractingly choppy. The graphics in the background of Hunters Moon are quite beautiful, however the bright gaudy symbols ruin the mood and seem ridiculous. The whole effect is disjointed, as if there were either no unifying principle at work or one that was insufficient to hold everything together.

Now, Hunters Moon Gigablox is a device-independent game where you may wager anywhere from 50 pence to £/€100 every spin. The slot’s 95% RTP and very low hit frequency of roughly 17% make it an extremely volatile option. Players can increase their chances of winning by aligning at least three of a type (in any position) on one of the game’s 50 fixed paylines. The Gigablox-powered game has a 6×6 grid into which symbols of varied sizes are dropped after each spin. It’s possible to choose between 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, and 5×5. If the previous spin had 6 reels of 1×1 tiles, the following spin may combine reels of 4×4 blocks and 2×2 blocks. Each block has a random chance of containing any given number of standard-sized symbols.

There are a total of eight different images utilized for the normal paying tiles, and the fluorescent clubs, diamonds, spades, and hearts are the first four. Then we have the high-paying animals, such as buffalo, wolves, owls, and bears. A win of 4x to 8x the wager is triggered by landing a line of six premium symbols. The Hunter appears on the wild symbol, which may double bets by as much as eight times. To help you win more often, wilds will stand in for any other pay symbol.

Slot Functions in the Hunters Moon Gigablox

A right-to-left-running extra reel sits atop the primary 6×6 reel set. The only time the wild or bonus symbol appears on the standard reels is when the feature is activated.

The bonus reel shifts to the left at the beginning of each new spin, making room for additional wild and bonus symbols. Any wild or bonus symbol on the bonus reel has the potential to transform standard symbols below it into the corresponding type after the reels stop spinning. Since the bonus reel is superimposed over the middle four reels, only those reels are in play. Additionally, the bonus reel’s wilds and bonus symbols only remain in place at the same wager amounts.

If 5 or more bonus symbols show up anywhere on the main grid, you will receive a free spin. As was previously noted, the amount of free spins is directly proportional to the size of the triggering block; so, a 3×3 bonus block awards 9 free spins. Each additional spin during the free spins mode is equal to one bonus symbol on the main grid. The bonus reel now has a higher frequency of symbol appearances due to the function.

The bonus round may be available for purchase by players from outside the UK. The price is 100 times the wager, and after it’s been verified, you’ll receive anything from 5 to 36 free spins.

Slot Conclusion for Hunter’s Moon Gigablox

Due to its strange appearance and muddled subject, Hunters Moon Gigablox failed to catch anyone’s attention at first. Bulletproof continues the trend of not using overused themes from previous entries in the Gigablox series, which is one of the series’ many strengths. The overall message, however, isn’t really clear or compelling. Despite this not being a deal breaker, Hunters Moon Gigablox also did not work after the reels began to spin.

Players get the usual Gigablox entertainment, which means the exciting features like randomized symbol sizes and merged reels have been done to death. Gigablox games are becoming increasingly prevalent, making it challenging to rise beyond mediocrity if the theme or additional pieces don’t work. This is how the review of Hunters Moon Gigablox panned out. The game accomplished what it was supposed to do, occasionally increasing suspense when huge blocks were ready to hit thanks to the bonus reel. The slot machine, however, might have used some more features or a little of visual refinement. Despite our best efforts, something was obviously lacking. Perhaps the action might have been stretched up with one or two additional modifiers on the bonus reel, giving players more to dig their teeth into. While the bonus reel idea isn’t bad, it’s not nearly as well executed as it was in Punk Rocker or Nitropolis 2.

Fans of Gigablox should try this game because of the high victory percentage and unique theme. Other, more agnostic people will have to make more of an effort to enjoy the benefits of Hunters Moon Gigablox. It’s too complicated for my liking, and there are plenty of other slot machines that don’t take nearly as much work.






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