Review of the Shanghai Lights Slot Game and Its Specifics

RTG debuted the online slot game known as Shanghai Lights in the year 2018.

The setting of the game is described as Casino Shanghai, and the icons depict various aspects of a high roller’s way of life.

The nightlife of China’s largest city, Shanghai, is the inspiration for this online slot machine, which offers players the possibility to win a jackpot of up to 50,000 dollars and attempts to portray the city’s splendor.

The Data Slot

Spindles: 5

Rows: 3

50 different paylines

RTP: 96.00%

Untamed: You Bet!

Free spins, that’s right.

Bonus round: Say no.

Conservative: Not at all

In a mobile device:

Patterns of Slots

The Shanghai Lights online slot machine utilizes the industry standard gameboard, which consists of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 50 paylines, all of which may be adjusted.

The slot machine has a return to player percentage (RTP) of around 96.00%, and its volatility is set to VERY HIGH.

Because the minimum stake is $0.01 and the minimum number of lines that may be played is 1, the minimum amount that you can wager on each spin is $0.01.

Since the maximum stake is one dollar per line and the maximum number of lines is fifty dollars, the greatest amount you may wager in a single spin is consequently five hundred dollars.

The music, sounds, and symbols of this online slot machine are all designed to evoke the atmosphere of Shanghai at night.

The user interface is fairly good, and the menus are the standard RTG menus, which are located at the bottom of the screen and include symbols that are easy to understand.

Both the lines and the wager may be changed, and there is a button labeled MAX wager located right next to the spin button. In addition, there is an option to play the game automatically.

Even though there is an icon for the audio, we were unable to find a way to deactivate the music while keeping the noises; it appears that the two are combined into a single choice, and you may either have one or the other.

The symbols in this online slot game are not particularly noteworthy; yet, they are of a satisfactory quality and display a good deal of vibrancy, particularly the Wilds.

Slot Characteristics

Wild Symbols: Wild symbols are only found on reel 3, and they substitute for all other symbols (excluding scatters). When a Wild emerges on the screen, it will immediately repeat itself in order to cover all spots before paying out. During the free spins bonus round, wild symbols have a chance of appearing on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5.

When wilds come in such a way, it is much simpler to construct five of a kind during the free spins, which results in a significant increase in the payoff amount. This occurred for us four times, most of the time during the extreme spins.

Free Spins in Shanghai Lights: If three or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the gameboard, the player will be awarded five free spins. During the free spins, each win that has a wild symbol results in a reward that is two times as large as the original prize. After this function has been completed, the Super Spin feature will be activated.

During our exhaustive testing of the game’s gameplay, we were successful in triggering the free spins feature nine times. During these free spins, we had a few situations where we won at least 20x, and we also had a few occurrences where we won approximately 4x.

Super Spin: Once the Shanghai Lights Free Spins bonus has been completed, the Super Spin feature will be started, and you will be given the opportunity to play three super spins. The number of winning scatters you had during the Shanghai Lights Free Spins Feature determines how many spins you get to play during this feature. When you click the [!] button, you will be able to view the rewards that are available. During the course of our testing, we encountered a few scatters.

We managed to land five of a kind twice, which resulted in a total reward that was 154 times the amount that was wagered on the game. We had a total of five super spins, which triggered several times, and numerous free spins, which triggered multiple times. Although high volatility is often considered to be a negative trait, it proved to be highly profitable in this context.

Conclusion and ruling

The Shanghai Lights online slot is another game with a Chinese-based theme from RTG, but it is not dependent on any other games.

The game seems to have a limited number of features, the majority of which consist of free spins and super spins; nevertheless, both of these types of spins may easily be retriggered on their own and offer features stacked on top of features stacked on top of features.

This occurs whenever three scatters are landed during either the free spins or super free spins bonus rounds, and we have seen it occur several times.

Overall, if the prospect of playing high-risk online slot machines appeals to you, you shouldn’t hesitate to give it a shot. If you’re unsure how to begin, you can always try out our no-risk demo version first.






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